My experience with QIMSA hunting snow geese in Delaware during the Conservation Order season was awesome.  The organization and their volunteers facilitated a not only the hunt, but everything to do with it.  All of the planning, coordination, and even equipment was provided.  I had never previously shot snow geese on the east coast, and was able to get out with a fellow wounded warrior who had never shot any.  Naturally, he shot a banded bird and took home a once in a lifetime trophy.  Without QIMSA, we would have never had the time or resources to do this.  Thanks again for this excellent opportunity!

Respectfully submitted,
Captain Michael R. Schulz


I had the opportunity to hunt with the good folks at the Quantico Injured Military Sportsman Association a couple of years ago, and what an incredible experience! From the outset it was apparent that the men and women of QIMSA genuinely appreciate veterans and take pride in putting events on for them. QIMSA volunteers prepared us hot meals from scratch, breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and had obviously put many hours of work in ahead of the event planting food plots, scouting locations and hanging stands. Despite all this effort, the hunt was free of charge. It was a true pleasure to be in the midst of fellow veterans, sportsmen and patriotic Americans, I look forward to my next opportunity!

Michael K. Gibbs, Cpl

The opportunity QIMSA offers is pure selflessness. Hospitality and caring individuals go out of their way to meet your needs. Great people and a great program that provides great comradery. Not only for wounded warriors, but for a group of people to get together and provide an atmosphere that every one of the same interest have in common. Guides and Management personnel are very knowledgeable. I have met a lot of great people through the program, and will continue to hunt with them as long as they will have me. Thanks for the great work and awesome job!

SFC (Ret.) Bruce Boardman
US Army

As a first time hunter I had no idea what to expect or where to start, but the guys and girl (lol) of QIMSA took me in and made me feel at home. On my first hunt I scored my first deer and I have been hooked since then. They offer top notch guides, great food and family atmosphere. If you like to feel like family while enjoying your hunt I encourage you as a wounded warrior to try QIMSA.

Gena’ Oxendine (OX)
Active Army/Air Force Reservist – Sr. Airman

I have only been on one hunt sponsored by QIMSA, but I had a great time and am looking forward to others. I was fortunate enough to be included on one of your Wounded Warrior Duck Hunts in January. I was impressed by the organization of the event and the heart that the volunteers put into the hunt to make it enjoyable. I know the volunteers must have given up a vast amount of their time to make this hunt successful, the food was amazing, and everyone went out of their way to make me feel comfortable. QIMSA provided me with all the gear required and paired me with two guides that knew what they were doing. My guides not only gave up their time, used their own equipment, but also made the hunt very enjoyable. Thank you for the opportunity, the camaraderie, and a great hunt.

MSgt Murdock, Jacob, M.

I myself have enjoyed every trip I have been on so far. All I can say is please keep up the great job you’re doing. I learned how to relax again and for that I thank the group.

SSG (Ret.) Jeffrey Graham
US Army

QIMSA has provided a lot of first time experiences for me. My first turkey hunt, my first deer stalk, my first duck hunt and most importantly my first reconnection back with my beloved Marine Corps. QIMSA’s staff and volunteers are truly carrying on their service of taking care of the people in and out of uniform. I have always been welcomed with open arms to these hosted events and invited back numerous times. From Dan working tirelessly in the kitchen to feed us, to the volunteer guides showing me the intricacies of hunting, I have always felt welcomed and at peace with these like-minded warriors. QIMSA has set the stage for me to connect with other Marines and veterans and I have been given the opportunity to network with fellow hunters and establish new connections within the greater DC area. The group treats everyone, no matter what disability or injury, with the utmost respect and they work tirelessly to ensure no hunt goes without a chance of taking a shot. I have found a bond that was lost after my service during these hunts with these fellow Marines. I can recall with much fondness the camaraderie we all shared and the stories and laughs we all had during our time with QIMSA. I have been humbled by the gracious and abundant care and mentorship they have provided me during these numerous hunts. Most importantly it has reinvigorated my drive to be able to do the same as these volunteers have done before me, to give back to those that have come after me in the serve of our beloved country.

Semper Fi,


In 2007 I was offered an opportunity to deer hunt with Quantico Injured Military Sportsman Association (QIMSA) while stationed in the national capital region after being wounded in Iraq. After going overseas for several years I recently returned and immediately started getting involved again in the hunts. I find my involvement in the hunting program with QIMSA is paramount to my recovery. One thing I particularly like is the “expense-free” side so our wounded warriors coming from the national medical centers can “come as they are” and have spectacular hunting/fishing experience with some of the newest and most expensive gear and equipment without paying a cent out of pocket. QIMSA helped me get back into being a sportsman and each time I hunt with QIMSA I find the experience therapeutic and leveling.

I recommend all wounded warriors in the national capital region to get involved with QIMSA and take advantage of this terrific sportsman opportunity.

Matt, CWO5


It means a lot that QIMSA has these hunts for us there is nothing better than getting out in the woods and sharing stories and experiences with people who see things from the same perspective. This program provides service members like me with a form of therapy that no doctor could ever provide. Thanks so much and I look forwarded too many more hunts.

HM1 (FMF) Troy Biggham
United States Navy


QIMSA is an outstanding organization that provided me with the best hunting experience to date! From start to finish, their professionalism, courtesy, knowledge, and genuine hospitality created a relaxing and fun environment that made me lose track of all the things I could/should have been doing. Too often organization of this type over emphasize the fact their audiences are injured service members. This was never the case. We were simply men and women, teaching and learning; enjoying the outdoors together—complete normalcy. The two days I spent with Fred provided me with a knowledge base as an outdoorsman that will last a lifetime. Most importantly, I was introduced to an organization that gives back to something I believe in. Now that I’ve received the fruits I plan to share in their labors. Hats off to QIMSA for putting on an amazing event!

Brian J. Wilson
Major, USMC



This weekend I participated in the archery Wounded Warrior deer hunt, and it was the best time I have had in a long time. I grew up hunting in Colorado however, the last time I was hunting was over 22 years ago. It started Friday morning with an amazing breakfast prepared by Dan and Lissa followed by meet and greet with all of the members of QIMSA, which are the greatest group of guys and 1 girl (Lissa) that you will ever meet. They took care of all the licenses and everything you need. They also have all the gear you need. You can show up in a 3 piece suit and they can outfit you with everything you need to get into the woods. (Just respect the gear because other warriors will use it too). That afternoon was hunting followed by an dinner that night with all the hunters and QIMSA members like Mac, Fred, Ed, and the list goes on. Saturday another amazing breakfast by Dan and Lissa and a day of hunting. I can’t forget the amazing lunch they also made. I ate so much all I wanted to do was sleep in my stand. I recommend this to any wounded warrior, any service, any age, and any injury. Trust me you will not be let down. Even if you don’t get a deer the memories and experience were unforgettable and life changing.  It is an organization like this of guys and gal that bring you to your knees just seeing what they do!!! In closing if you are a wounded warrior signup, if you know one pass the word!!! Thank you all again!! See in in November!!!

Dan Krause


I have been participating in QIMSA events for the last several years.  They started out good and have just gotten better.  The guides know where the deer are and do a great job of putting hunters in a position to get a shot.  The hunts are well organized and safe.  The food is great. The Equipment is first rate.  Thanks to the donors for that and again thanks to QIMSA for organizing everything.  Fred, Euel, Lu, Dan and Ed show everyone great hospitality.  Thanks to all of you and Bubba for a great Hunt this year.  Looking forward to hunting with you again soon.

LtCol Dave Lofgren,

During Thanksgiving week 2015 I had the opportunity to attend a QIMSA sponsored event near Canton, Ohio to pursue waterfowl, and monster whitetail deer. The entire experience was one of the most incredible things I have ever had the privilege to participate in. From the moment we started our journey, to the time we got back to Virginia; I was treated and cared for beyond what I could ever have imagined. QIMSA and its volunteers/ sponsors have gone above and beyond taking care of Americas wounded warriors! On our hunt I got the chance to harvest my first whitetail buck which was an awesome and very fulfilling experience in its self. I harvested my deer using a top of the line Ten Point cross bow, completely outfitted in Under Armour cloths, while using Ozonics which was one of the coolest scent control device I’ve seen on the market, I could never afford these types of hunting products myself so needless to say it was a chance of a life time to use the equipment all the TV professionals use. During waterfowl portion of our Ohio hunt I was fortune to harvest the biggest goose I’ve ever shot in my life, QIMSA provide us with Remington 1187 shotguns, and the nicest Berretta jacket and bibs I’ve ever worn. I will always cherish the memories of this hunt and new friends we meet for the rest of my life and hopefully one day be able to share these stories with my children and grandkids. I can’t wait to have the opportunity to go on another hunt with them!

Respectfully Submitted
Robert Cole/ Sgt USMC